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Located in Hollywood, California we specialize in Repair, Modification and 
Custom Electronic Design of musical electronic equipment.

We have been providing individual personalized service to both Professional and
Non-Professional Musicians in the Los Angeles area for more than 30 years.

We service all major brands of musical electronic equipment
We repair all types of tube & solid-state Guitar Amps, Bass Amps, Pedal Effects, Power Amps, Mixers, P.A. Systems and more.
We also specialize in Vintage, High-Gain and Boutique types of amplifiers,
as well as our own Custom Designed circuits.

We prefer to schedule our electronic services by appointment, and can be 
reached at 323-654-4908 between the hours of 10am-6pm PST.

We carry a large assortment of repair parts and restoration items,
including a number of miscellaneous music and electronics related items.

Some of our more unique items may also appear at
Our Auctions.

Our Hollywood retail store has been closed, and we no longer stock or sell
guitars, amps, pedals or accessories...except on an occasional basis. But, check out the About Us link for some cool photos of the old shop

Current retail sale items will be found under the
Cool Sale Stuff listing.

Check our Menu List...and let us know if we can be of service to you.

                                                                                   Jerry A. Blaha

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