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Clone Amps


  Custom Amp Clones 

Besides offering Custom Modifications for your existing amp, complete CUSTOM CLONE Modifications can be done to actually change your circuit into a completely different amplifier. 

We have complete circuit specs for many Vintage, Custom and Boutique amplifiers that are on the market, as well as many Production Amp Lines that are no longer being manufactured.

Something as simple as a Fender Bassman or Bandmaster head could be converted into earlier Vintage circuit specs...or...into one of the many current Boutique amp circuits that are selling for $3500 to $10,000.


  Some Clone History 

Most of the highly desirable Boutique and Custom amps, are really copies or variations based on typical Class A or Class AB circuits found in common Fender, Marshall or Vox amps.  Most of the front end preamp stages are also very similar in design to many of the circuits typically found in 50's and 60's guitar amp models. 

Most tube amps are made up of very similar components with slightly different values.
The in choosing the correct values and types, and then connecting them in the proper order.

... In Reality ...
There is no Magic involved
There are no Secret Components
There is no Mystic Mojo

Your current tube amp probably has all of the basic components that are needed to get those Vintage and Custom sounds.

You do have to start with a unit that has all of the basic components.  The chassis does not need to have..exact..but..similar..transformers, and provide a "similar" voltage and power supply. 
If the circuit that you are Cloning calls for a Rectifier Tube in the power supply...then your Clone circuit would benefit from also having a tube rectifier. 
If your amp was, instead, set up with Diode Rectifiers like a Fender Bassman or a Marshall, it is not a real problem.  The Clone circuit would still sound the same, just a bit louder and tighter.

Most Fender Bassman or Bandmaster heads are a good choice for Cloning, and can be turned into many of the high-priced Custom or Boutique amps that are out today. 

Other Fender models... 70's Silver Face amps... Dual Showman... Twin Reverb... Bandmaster... Pro Reverb... etc., ones that are not particularly collectible, or maybe a little trashed, are also good choices for Cloning.  Earlier Pre-JCM900 Marshalls...Laney...Traynor...and others could all be good possibilities, too.


  Clone Pricing 

Due to different circuit requests and variations, each CUSTOM CLONE is individually priced
and will depend on a variety of things including:

  What model Amp are we starting with
  Does the stock amp need repair
  Which Boutique circuits are we going to duplicate
  Are there going to be multiple pre-amp channels
  Is there Channel Switching involved
  Does Reverb need to be added
  Are we adding Vibrato
  etc...and on...

Prices generally start at $650 labor for designing complete Clone Circuits.
Please contact us with specific requirements for the sound that you are looking for.


  Clone Hybrids 

Another option would be CLONE HYBRIDS. 

Because most Tube Amplifiers are so similar, it is possible to incorporate only a "portion" of a vintage or Boutique amp circuit...into your existing amp.

The combinations are only limited by your imagination. style of preamp stage in your left channel and then the stock preamp, or another completely different style preamp, for your right channel. 

Then...add Reverb or Vibrato if you like.  Or, perhaps, choose a Class A or Class AB output stage that suites you best. 

Prices generally start at $250 labor for adding portions of custom circuits.
Please contact us with specific requests and options.


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