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"I have recently started building a series of Custom Designed Amplifiers"

The two shown below are my first series of 5 watt Studio Recording Amps

Small and Light Weight... Perfect for Home, Recording and Small Gigs

At the moment, there are two different versions

Blues Rock  -  BR-84  -  $850

Studio Recording Amp  -  SRA-84  -  $1095

In searching for a proper chassis and cabinet platform, I found that using

an existing commercial Black Heart chassis, was the most economical.

Both models use the existing Black Heart heavy duty chassis and cabinet

and many of the existing high quality components, boards and circuits.


Each Model has Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass and Output Level Controls,

3 position AC & Standby Switch, 5w / 3w Switch, Blue LED Indicator, and is

Single Ended Class A operation with single 12AX7 and EL84 tubes,

and standard 4 ohm (x2) - 8 ohm (x2) - 16 ohm (x1) outputs.


The SRA-84 Studio has a wide variety of tones, going from Fender, Vox, Marshall,

(and even ODS Clean) types of tones, with dramatic tone control adjustments.

And... Crunch sounds that can vary greatly from slightly overdriven tones,

to classic heavier Rock & Blues and Jazz Fusion sounds.

The SRA-84 has 4 three-position tone switches for Bright, Edge, Tone and Deep.


The BR-84 Blues Rock has the Bright, Edge & Tone adjusted at preset levels.

This is a more simple straight forward layout and approach, but... with

the same great Clean and Crunch sounds as the Studio Model, and a single

Push-Pull Switch on the Output Level Control for two different Deep settings.


Both Models are very sensitive to different tube brands and speaker choices

that can vary the tonality greatly, and, work well with external pedals and effects.

You can go from clean to crunch... just by setting your guitar's volume controls.

All... from TV bedroom volume levels... up to the full 5 watt output.

Both retain the Class A EL84 sparkle and shimmering sound, with individual

notes and chords being very articulate, definitive and pick-attack sensitive.


Note:  These are hand-built one at a time and in-stock quantities vary.

In addition to the standard features of each, there are many other options that could

be included at additional cost... Slaves, Transformers, Tone Changes and more...

"Combo Versions and modified 112 Cabinets may also be available"

I also intend to build several similar projects in the 15 to 50 watt ranges,

but... I still have not yet decided on which musical styles to prototype.

Contact me for Demo & more information:    Jerry A Blaha

click photos to enlarge


Blues Rock  BR-84


Studio Recording Amp  SRA-84


Here are a few experimental test clips

Using a LP Copy with Duncan JB & 57 Classic, straight in, no effects,

into a 112 open back cab with a orig Mesa Black Shadow speaker.

Sorry, for the poor sound quality.

At the moment, I am recording with a cheap $40 Web Cam,

and just using the internal built in tiny microphone, which is overloading.

I am still trying to figure out a better mike system to capture the audio.

Better clips, better tones & better playing coming soon





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