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I have a huge number of magazines that still need to be sorted, catalogued and put into databases.  This may take a bit of time between repairs and mods...but I hope to have these departments up and running, soon.

There will be separate categories for each title by Collection and Single Issues.

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  Guitar Player - Complete Collection 1967 to 1997

  Guitar Player - 300+ Single Issues 1967 to present

  Guitar World - Complete First 6 Years

  Guitar World - Single Issues

  Vintage Guitar - Collection 1986 to 1997

  Vintage Guitar - Single Issues

  Miscellaneous Guitar Magazines

As a small number of pages get will be able to link to them from this page or the site map.

As they all get finished...they will be found on the expanded Menu List.

We occasionally offer some of our more unique sales and restoration items at auction on eBay. These may include recent items that have not yet been listed in our current inventory...or stocked items, listed elsewhere on this site.  Please see Our Auctions for items that may be listed.

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