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  We Do All Kinds Of Modifications 
For Musical Electronic Equipment

We have been designing Modifications and Custom Circuits for guitar and
bass amplifiers since the mid-70's.

Everything from Simple Tweaks to Custom High-Gain Circuits can
be added to many stock guitar and bass amp models.

  Master Volumes

  Effects Loops

  Gain Boosts

  Tone Boosts

  Half-Power Switches

  Plexi Marshall Conversions

  Pre-CBS Conversions

  Tweed Conversions

  Class A or AB Conversions

  Our High-Gain Mods

  Other peoples' Mods

  De-modding of circuits

  ...and much more

We have a number of typical modification designs that we can adapt to your stock Marshall, Fender or other style amplifier.  Many of the above mods pertain to tube amplifiers, but, custom circuits and features can also be designed for various hybrid and solid-state models.

Additional custom designs can be created to match your needs.  Contact Us if there are special modifications or features that you might like to have installed in your amp, and do not see listed.  We will let you know if the idea is possible, and the tentative costs.

Over the years we have had all sorts of "other people's" modified circuits come through our shop as well as many of the Boutique amps on the market today.  Jose' , Metalhead, Lee Jackson, Soldano and other modifications have all come across our benches over the last 25 years.  We have detailed circuit information and experience with these modifications, and can modify your amp to these specs.

We could also convert your amp to one of the many Boutique Amp circuits that  currently go for $2500 to $10,000..for much less.  See our Clone Amps Dept.

Pricing for these services will vary depending on the complexity of the circuit.  Some of the simple mods to your existing circuits will start at $80 to $100, with the more complex redesigned circuits costing $250 or more.

Many of these modifications are not just a simple changing of a component or two...but are a complete redesign of the entire circuit.  Extensive redesigning of circuits that require days or weeks of time, will be priced accordingly.

Contact Us with your requests or for more information.


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